The Formula for Accelerated Change (VxP²xAxT=C)

The Formula for Accelerated Change (VxP²xAxT=C)
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ISBN: 9783841615183
Autor: Juvénal Turatsinze
Einband/Bindung: Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl: 152
Sprache: Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Verlag: Editions Universitaires Europeennes EUE
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The Formula for Accelerated Change (VxP²xAxT=C), translated as 'Visionary People Together in Action over Time make Change' is made by four key factors: vision, people, action and time. Each factor is organic in its nature, because it grows with time when nourished with the right ingredients, such as purpose, leadership, action planning, time management, etc. These ingredients are developed to build the key factors of change. The combination of these factors produces the desired change measured in terms of 'improved lives'. This book introduces a Vision Approach to change, successful transformation and sustainable development. It argues that every desired change starts with a vision that gives a purpose to live for and ignites people to act. People working together in synergy improve the lives of other people exponentially over time. This book will help you to understand and develop the key factors of change and ultimately will enable you to predict, plan and make the change you desire. The adoption of the principles of the formula allows people to become visionary leaders. This book presents a Rwanda success story of accelerated change.
Artikel-Nr.: 9783841615183
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