The Security of the Internet of e-healthcare Things: Threats & Taxonomy

The Security of the Internet of e-healthcare Things: Threats & Taxonomy
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ISBN: 9783841617286
Autor: Anass Rghioui
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Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
Verlag: Editions Universitaires Europeennes EUE
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The field of healthcare knew an important development due to the evolution of the technology used in its applications. Among devices that have contributed to the development of the field of healthcare is the mobile monitoring sensors that are placed on the patient's body. It measures specific areas of its body and send it wirelessly to the medical central unit that analyses it and reports caregivers by its analysis results, and warn them if the patient's health condition is in a critical state. By the emergence of the Internet of Things, and the evolution of new technologies like 6loWPAN, which enable sensors connect to the Internet, it became possible to access to them remotely, so the possibility of offering patients a continuous and real-time monitoring. However, the main drawback of these applications is the lack of consideration of data security and privacy. The nature of these sensors from a wireless connection and limited capacities, making them vulnerable to a range of attacks aimed at eavesdrop or tamper patients' personal information, which morally and legally is considered a high degree of privacy. Several security measures must be taken to protect the 'medical secret'.
Artikel-Nr.: 9783841617286
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